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Sims 2 Master List (Resouces and Downloads)

This is a list of custom content I use, and custom content I make. I'll try to keep this up to date. (This is WIP, so it may take a while). Everything is under Collapse )

You're more than welcome to add me, and 85% of the time I will add back. As long as you have an appropriate journal (aka no offensive stuff, like racism) and I have some idea who you are as a person, I'll add you as a friend. If your journal is bare, unless you introduce yourself in a PM or I know who you are, I generally won't add back, sorry. Even though I'll add you, you might not see my real life entries- I've started to get really aware of what I write, and I don't want just anyone to read.

Status: Slowly coming back, FINALLY
Request: If you do not have a 4Shared acct and would like to download a particular CC, I will be more than happy to re-upload to a more user friendly host. If you have a suggestion for an upcoming CC, feel free to direct message me. I will at the very least respond to your message.
Other media: Tumblr / Twitter- feel free to add me on either.

Kiss (new blend)

Look who was revived in time for Valentine's Day, and with a blend to boot!
Kiss photo kiss.png
This is the first time I used Mouseyblue's blends as a blend, if that makes sense. Her stuff is perfect, but I like my skintones to match, so I just blended it with Rensim as the base. Also, I stuck to Joedy_76's eyelids, which I use the majority of all of my blends. They are too perfect. If you all would like a geneticized version, let me know and I'll do that in the next day or so.


Credits: Joedy_76, Mouseyblue, Rensim

P.S. Sorry for dying on this journal and tumblr.. AGAIN. I just wasn't feeling inspired, but I'm going to try to get back into the groove :)
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Dance and Natsumi (new blends)

Oh hey, long time no see. Well, yeah, I've been sick. I'm the biggest baby when it comes to illness, so needless to say, I didn't play or do a lot (though I did a bunch of whining, sorry to whoever follows me on Twitter). I *finally* felt well enough to do shit a couple of days ago, so I took in-game pics of two blends I planned to release on Halloween.

The blend on the left is 'Dance', after 'The Ice Dance', the song in Edward Scissorhands when Kim dances in the cut away ice. I planned on making a Kim sim for Halloween (which obviously fell through), but I thought the blend was decent enough to share.

The right is 'Natsumi', which I have no damn clue why I named it that. I tend to name blends after musicians or songs, but upon my research Natsumi is neither. Who knows.

Soon I plan on making a huge RL entry, but now isn't the time as I'm really tired.

Cutting the chit chat short, this is all you wanted- the links to the blends!

Dance: Regular / Geneticized
Natsumi: Regular / Geneticized

Credit: Rensim, Jirka, Joedy_76
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The Bruno version will be up once I receive that (and I will edit once it's up), but if you're interested with the version of my alpha right away, it can be found here.

The original 'Mine' post (with pictures) will now be edited to reflect the new download link(s).

A million thanks to CuriousB herself!
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Okay, everyone- this is a new weekly feature for this journal, in order to keep it updated if I happen to take a while with custom content. This weekly post will contain pictures I have taken in-game, both casual and ones I have used Photoshop to play around with. If you do happen to follow my Tumblr, all of them will have crossposted from there so I do apologize, but not everyone is familiar with the site :)

Without further delay, here are a few pics I have taken this Collapse )

Okay, a little small, but it's a start! I hope you guys enjoyed it, and can't wait to make more pics for next week :)
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Milkbarn (a new blend)

Oh my god you guys, it's been forever that I made a blend, that I *completely* forgot how to geneticize. But anyway, I'm slowly coming back to making stuff- I had planned to upload more than this, but unfortunately, testing in-game they were just pixelated as hell. I'll see if I can try to correct it, but right now, I'm content with just this.

My focus is probably back on blends but I may go back to dabble in makeup, since I've been on a real life makeup kick. But anyway, without further delay, here is my blend.

P.S. I hope you don't totally hate the lighting for the preview.

Milkbarn- Regular / Geneticized

Credit: Rensim, Jirka, Joedy_76