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Dance and Natsumi (new blends)

Oh hey, long time no see. Well, yeah, I've been sick. I'm the biggest baby when it comes to illness, so needless to say, I didn't play or do a lot (though I did a bunch of whining, sorry to whoever follows me on Twitter). I *finally* felt well enough to do shit a couple of days ago, so I took in-game pics of two blends I planned to release on Halloween.

The blend on the left is 'Dance', after 'The Ice Dance', the song in Edward Scissorhands when Kim dances in the cut away ice. I planned on making a Kim sim for Halloween (which obviously fell through), but I thought the blend was decent enough to share.

The right is 'Natsumi', which I have no damn clue why I named it that. I tend to name blends after musicians or songs, but upon my research Natsumi is neither. Who knows.

Soon I plan on making a huge RL entry, but now isn't the time as I'm really tired.

Cutting the chit chat short, this is all you wanted- the links to the blends!

Dance: Regular / Geneticized
Natsumi: Regular / Geneticized

Credit: Rensim, Jirka, Joedy_76
Tags: downloads, sims 2

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